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The annual dues provide for credit union membership in the Council. Membership is not assigned to any specific staff person or volunteer at your credit union. Anyone associated with your credit union (staff or volunteer) can attend a Council event with your credit union membership. This gives each credit union the flexibility to decide who should attend based on the meeting topics. If you decide that your credit union would like to send more individuals than your annual dues cover, no problem. Just get in  touch with the Steering Committee and we will make arrangements to bill your credit union for the individuals registered in excess of your annual dues payment.

The annual dues cover two educational networking meetings per year. Meetings are typically held in the spring and the fall. Dues cover all costs related to the educational networking meetings such as meeting materials and lunch. There is no separate meeting registration fee to pay. Dues also covers the costs for maintaining our web site as source of information for Council members.

The collection of dues will take place in the summer months by way of a debit to your Tricorp Overnight Account. Your credit union will be notified by email of the upcoming collection of dues. If your credit union does not have a Tricorp account, please remit by check.

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