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Update on Status of Council Activities

The Steering Committee had already made plans for a spring meeting when the pandemic hit. We made the decision to cancel our spring meeting.

The Steering Committee has decided at this time not to plan a fall 2020 meeting due to uncertainty in the environment. We will evaluate the feasibility of a spring 2021 meeting this coming winter. The Steering Committee discussed the feasibility of pivoting to an online or virtual meeting format. We feel very strongly that we have built the Council brand around bringing high quality speakers to northern New England for in person presentations. The other part of our value proposition is providing a casual networking opportunity for Council members.

The Council Steering Committee does not feel that we could provide the same value with a virtual meeting format. The Council Steering Committee voted to waive the annual dues collection that would have occurred this summer. We have resources to allow us to prepare for a spring 2021 meeting. 

Thank you for continuing to support the Council.

We look forward to seeing everyone next spring. Please enjoy the summer.