Fall 2021, Virtual Zoom event hosted by Synergent



Fall 2021

Virtual Zoom event hosted by Synergent

The Council hosted its first virtual event.  The Zoom meeting was hosted by Synergent.  The Council brought two of the industries most respected speakers to the Zoom meeting, Mike Moebs and Dennis Dollar. 


Michael Moebs, Economist and CEO,  Moebs $ervices, Inc.

V. Proesel, Director Operations, leading the Client Services Team and Client Development Teams at Moebs $ervices

  • Deposit Account Market Conditions
  • Transaction Account Trends
  • Checking Account Class Action Lawsuits
  • Overdraft Trends

Dennis Dollar is the principal partner in Dollar Associates, LLC

  • Challenges Coming Out of the COVID Era
  • Recent CU Financial Trends
  • Billion $ and Above CU Performance Compared to Billion $ and Less
  • Margin Compression Over Time
  • Big Banks Continue to Dominate Market Share
  • Expect the CFPB To Be More Active in the CU Industry

G. Michael Moebs, Economist and CEO

Insightful.  Counter-intuitive.  Innovative.  Dynamic speaker. 

These are some of the terms frequently used to describe Mike Moebs. 

Since founding his economic research firm in 1983, Mike has put his vast knowledge to work for the financial services industry.  As an economist who understands the challenges affecting financial institutions, he’s developed such proprietary services as the patented (# 7,676,408) Debit Scoring® Risk Tool.

He is the force behind The Pricing InstituteÔ, a price leader event done at a firm’s location.

A leader in financial service research

Although Moebs proprietary research spans a broad area and addresses topics such as stress testing, economy of scale and “near money” analyses, Mike is perhaps best known for his firm’s Financial Services Pricing Survey, published at least annually.  The most comprehensive study of its type, this survey collects primary, statistically correct data from over 3,300 financial institutions nationwide, as well as Fintech firms on consumer and business accounts, fees, ATM, and debit cards. 

Adding to this primary research is a nationwide data basis of 1 million checking users.

The Moebs’ Money Analysis provides keen insight into pricing implications of M1, M2, & M3 macroeconomic measures. The data analysis allows Moebs $ervices to deliver information on consumer behavior as well as insights on pricing, expense control and profitability to audiences in need of benchmarks and guidance in these economic times.

J. V. Proesel
Director Operations

J.V. Proesel has served as Director Operations since 2014, leading the Client Services Team and Client Development Teams at Moebs $ervices.

Drawing on his experience in prior roles as lead research analyst and project management, J.V. has a strong analytical approach to modeling profitable solutions and capitalizing on unrealized client and prospect needs.

J.V. is also responsible for the development of new services aimed at increasing profitability and efficiencies for financial institutions. He played a key role in the
creation of the firm’s patented Debit Scoring® software that assists depositories with establishing risk management parameters, as well as Moebs’ L.O.A.N. pricing application. A collaborator in the development and design of the Moebs Economy of Scale Analysis, he also edited and produced Expense Control: Book of Numbers Eds. 12,13,14, Moebs $ervices, Inc.

Dennis Dollar

Dennis Dollar

Dennis Dollar is the principal partner in Dollar Associates, LLC, a full-service consulting group focusing on credit unions and the organizations that serve them. Dollar Associates was formed by former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar and his former NCUA Chief of Staff and Counsel to the Chairman Kirk Cuevas upon their departure from the National Credit Union Administration in April 2004.

Dollar Associates works with credit unions, trade associations, leagues, CUSOs, and organizations that serve credit unions in the fields of governmental relations, regulatory compliance, strategic planning, management training, and field of membership issues. He and Mr. Cuevas are recognized as the architects of many of NCUA’s most far reaching and innovative regulatory actions of recent years, including Access Across America, RegFlex, Incidental Powers and Field of Membership Modernization. Their expertise in these fields have made them sought after consultants, speakers, facilitators, presenters and strategists for countless credit unions and related organizations.

Mr. Dollar’s background is extensive in the credit union and public policy arenas.